Modification of traffic signs in Prague 9

In connection with the decision of the Municipal District of Prague 9, the vertical traffic signs in areas 9.1 (Vysočany, Libeň) and 9.2 (Prosek, Střížkov) will be gradually modified from June this year. This involves changing the marking from IP12 (Dedicated parking) to IP13c (Parking with parking machine).

The difference is the possibility of parking in the purple zone only with a valid parking permit, whether long-term or short-term (e.g. paid via a parking meter or app) without the possibility of stopping without purchasing such a parking permit.

Online parking machine

Online payment app

In area 9.1 (Vysočany, Libeň) the change will only concern the modification of traffic signs, in some sections partial parking symbols will be added on the pavement (perpendicular, oblique, longitudinal, etc.). Due to the large number of parkers, especially at weekends, modified operating hours will not be introduced here.

New variant of traffic sign IP13c with non-stop operating time

In area 9.2 (Prosek, Střížkov) there will also be a change in the operating hours from a weekly paid regime to free parking from Friday from 8 pm to Sunday until 8 pm.

New variant of traffic sign IP13c with limited operating time

To view the exact boundaries of each resident area, click HERE on the map and highlight the resident area.


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