Change of the regime on P+R Černý MOST 2 for cars with the registration mark UA

From Saturday 1 July 2023, the parking regime at P+R Černý Most 2 will be modified for vehicles with UA registration plates.  Long-term parked vehicles with this registration plate will be able to stay in the car park free of charge until their exit, which can be arranged by calling an attendant via the intercom at the exit stand.

Subsequent parking in the car park will be subject to standard payment terms. Drivers will pay for parking according to the current price list:

– Flat rate payment: 50 CZK for parking up to 24 hours for one continuous stay of the vehicle, weekends, holidays, Christmas holidays (0-24 hours) are not included in the flat rate period of 24 hours.

– Minimum payment for the use of the car park: 50 CZK.

– Hourly rate after exceeding the 24 hours counted: 10 CZK for each hour.

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