Frequently Asked Questions Public lots, P+R and K+R

Public lots, P+R and K+R

What are P+R commuter lots?

Commuter (Park and Ride) lots that are located around Prague in the immediate vicinity of public transport.

The use of these lots is tied to public transport. Currently there are lots located by the metro at the locations: Černý Most – parking garage, Černý Most 2, Holešovice, Depo Hostivař, Prague Congress Centre, Ládví, Letňany, Nové Butovice, Opatov, Rajská zahrada, Skalka 1, Skalka 2, Westfield Chodov, Zličín 1 and Zličín 2. Additional P+R lots: Běchovice, Běchovice – střed, Braník, Nádraží Hostivař and Radotín are tied to train connections and the P+R lots: Kotlářka, Troja and Zahradní Město to tram lines. You can find more information on the options for using these lots on the website of TSK Praha.

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What are K+R short-term stopping spots?

K+R (Kiss and Ride) short-term stopping spots are located by several metro and railway stations. They serve for picking up and dropping off persons whom the driver of a passenger automobile is driving to or from public transport. They are not to be used for long-term parking.

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Are there any other parking options?

You can use parking spaces and garages run by the City of Prague, i.e. public lots. Long-term parking is possible at these lots with a signed lease agreement. You can find information on concluding a lease agreement, the application form and a list of lots on the page Public lots.

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Where can I find a list of parking lots?

Lot name               Operator     Address                                        Operating hours/Opening hours
Běchovice TSK Českobrodská, Běchovice max. parking time 12 hrs
Běchovice – střed TSK Mladých, Běchovice max. parking time 12 hrs
Braník TSK Pikovická, Braník max. parking time 12 hrs
Garáže Černý Most TSK Chlumecká, Černý Most 24/7
Černý Most 2 TSK Chlumecká, Černý Most 24/7
Depo Hostivař DP Sazečská, Strašnice 4:00 - 1:00
Holešovice TSK Plynární, Holešovice 24/7
Kongresové centrum Praha TSK Pankrácké náměstí 24/7
Kotlářka TSK Nepomucká, Košíře max. parking time 12 hrs
Ládví DP Davídkova, Kobylisy 4:00 - 1:00
Letňany DP Listova, Letňany 4:00 - 1:00
Nádraží Hostivař TSK Dolnoměcholupská, Hostivař max. parking time 12 hrs
Nové Butovice TSK Ovčí Hájek, Stodůlky max. parking time 12 hrs
Opatov TSK Chilská, Chodov 24/7
Radotín TSK Prvomájová, Radotín max. parking time 12 hrs
Rajská Zahrada TSK Cíglerova, Černý Most 24/7
Skalka 1 TSK Pod Strání, Strašnice 24/7
Skalka 2 TSK Přetlucká, Strašnice 24/7
Troja TSK Povltavská, Troja max. parking time 12 hrs
Westfield Chodov TSK Westfield Chodov, Chodov 4:00 - 1:00
Zahradní Město TSK Žďánická, Zahradní Město max. parking time 12 hrs
Zličín 1 TSK Řevnická, Zličín 24/7
Zličín 2 TSK Ringhofferova, Zličín 24/7
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How do I request a refund for a duplicate or unauthorised charge for parking fees made by card at P+R lots?

In the case of a duplicate or unauthorised charge made by card, contact your bank and ask for the Chargeback service. In the claim is valid, the bank will refund it to you.

Refund guide

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