Orange Zone

Visitor parking

What does the orange zone allow for?

  • Special zones for visitors near hospitals and public offices. These zones are not intended for residents and long-term parking permits are not valid here.
  • The parking time is limited, with the maximum duration always found on a traffic sign.
  • Parking is possible following prior payment in a parking machine or in the online app.

Operating hours of parking zones

In the zones you can find parking signs that specify the operating hours. The zones are generally in operation on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00, but these hours can vary in different municipal districts or streets. Outside the indicated time, parking is free and unlimited for all vehicles.

How much does short-term visitor parking cost and where can it be paid?

  • In orange zones you can find parking machines that take coins (CZK and EUR) and bank cards (Visa, Mastercard). You can also pay for parking conveniently through the online app, which also allows you to extend your parking time later.
  • Parking prices vary depending on the location; more detailed information can be found in the price list or on the parking machine. When paying for parking online, the price is calculated automatically after entering the location and duration of parking.


Typical parking sign

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