Frequently Asked Questions Disabled persons and caregivers

Disabled persons and caregivers

I am a caregiver for a loved one. Can I apply for a parking permit?

A caregiver parking permit serves for a caregiver (generally a family member) who does not have permanent residence in the given zone and who provides for the basic needs of the person being cared for.

The holder of the parking permit is a citizen with permanent residence in the given area who has reached the age of 80 or who has been granted a care allowance of at least level III and who is also not a holder of a resident parking permit. The permit is issued for a max. of 3 vehicles and for at most 5 parking sub-zones.

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I am physically disabled and a ZTP card holder. Where can I park?

There are "shared spots" for ZTP card holders in Prague reserved for the needs of those with physical disabilities. Parking in these spots is free for vehicles marked with an O7 parking permit. ZTP card holders are entitled to a Parking Permit for ZTP Holders (document only available in Czech) for a reduced price. Physically disabled citizens with permanent residence in a given area can also apply for a reserved parking spot (i.e. for a specific vehicle registration plate). These spots are established for a specific vehicle in accordance with Section 25 of Act No. 13/1997 Coll. on Roads and are exempt from paying a local fee for use of public space (more info here: Application for a reserved parking spot contract for a physically disabled person)

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