We are opening the doors to new partners in the realm of online payments for parking in Prague.

In order to improve the quality of services, TSK is offering partners (payment brokers) the option of getting involved in the OpenHouse project and working together to broker virtual payments for parking in Prague for motorists.

The OpenHouse project is not a public tender – TSK does not limit the number of partners involved in any way, it allows them to be added gradually, it does not assess the economic advantage of offers, but on the contrary lays down the same rules and conditions for all – it sets a fixed commission rate of 4% for brokering payments in paid parking zones, while also allowing partners to offer premium services for a fee as long as they are presented to customers in a transparent manner.

Do you operate a payment portal/application for online payments for services in Prague and have an interest in expanding the ranks of our partners? Then contact us below. Or you can go ahead and download the sample contract, where you will find a detailed description and the conditions.