P+R Chodov will be closed on 6 July - 7 July 2024 and 3 August - 5 August 2024

Due to the repair of the hot water pipeline on the access road and the D1 on-ramp, it will not be possible to exit the P+R Chodov garage on the days listed below and therefore the garage will be closed.

Closure date:

Saturday 6 July 2024 00:00 to Sunday 7 July 2024 24:00..

from Saturday 3 August 2024 00:00 to Monday 5 August 2024 24:00

If you leave your vehicle here during the dates of repairs of the hot water pipeline, parking fees will be charged as standard according to the valid price list and the exit will be allowed as soon as traffic is restored.

Thank you for your understanding



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